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من نحن | About Us

شيكاغو بالعربي هي أول مجلة عن مدينة شيكاغو تتكلم باللغة العربية. تأتيكم المجلة بمقالات عن المدينة بجوانبها الإقتصادية و الثقافية و الإجتماعية بالإضافة لمواضيع عن تاريخ المدينة و عمارتها و أجمل الأماكن التي ننصح بزيارتها.

.Chicago’s News brought into focus for Arabic-speaking residents and visitors

The idea of Chicago in Arabic first came to our minds in early 2015 while we were thinking of ways to capture the true essence and character of the city from the perspective of a life-long Chicagoan. And while researching the links between Arab speaking residents/visitors and the city of Chicago, we found a gap which we perceived as an opportunity to build a bridge linking Arab communities/visitors to the cultural and social pillars of our beautiful city

Mission: to more effectively engage Arab professionals residing (or visiting) Chicago with the city and their local communities.
Vision: to become the ultimate guide to the city’s Business and Lifestyle for Arab speaking residents and visitors of Chicago.
Editorial: Chicago In Arabic ’s editors offer readers a mix of mainstream Chicago business and lifestyle insights. Our business editors provide content on business and investment news, entrepreneurship, tech, and real estate. Lifestyle focus is on culture, arts, dining, nightlife, and travel destinations